How to efficiently use your space  

Having a tough time trying to utilize an area of your home? Just Renovation Professionals describes in detail how to maximize your space and it's functionality. Expanding on our clients ideas to provide them with a greater understanding of their home renovation.
Stone Fireplace with Mantel
4 piece bathroom
Porcelain Shower
Kitchen Gas top stove
Oak Basement steps finished basement
Finished Basement with enclosed panel
Finished Basement with window
Entertainment area in basement
There are many different possibilities in renovating a basement.  Whether you want to create a basement apartment for income or just as a family room where family and friends can entertain. Depending on your usage for the basement will determine the best layout. In relations to crawl spaces it’s a much shortened height of your basement which sacrifices a section for support of the above structure. Primarily crawl spaces are believed to be wasted area, but we provide alternatives such as; storage, infant play areas and furnace location or other building utilities. 
When first approaching an unfinished basement, a strategic layout is your best investment. Also understanding the usage of the area will play a critical role in designing the perfect layout. Basement areas can be designed as large entertainment rooms such as an additional living space or as bedrooms with on suite bathroom for rental units.
  Other key elements that play significant roles are lighting and air circulation. Most basements don’t have large enough windows to produce efficient light; illuminating entrances and stairs with recessed lights greatly modernizes your basement. Movement of air is also crucial in a basement due to the damp conditions of the concrete slab; with correct air flow you can minimize the moisture through a humidifier.
In addition to accidental flooding we recommend home owners to install DRIcore membrane, this product produces a slightly raised floor with a protective membrane on the bottom. This product protects your floor and furniture in case of foundation leaks or sewer overflows. Integrating many of these options can provide you with a more secure basement.
Built in cabinets with shelves and drawers
Kitchen breakfast nook
Kitchen Appliances inset in cabinetry
Red Gloss Kitchen with granite and marble/steel backsplash
The kitchen is the one room in the house where everyone tends to gather. Now a days this space is created in a way that accomodates food preparation as well as entertaining with variuos seating options. The cabinet placement, décor, lighting and functionality are all priorities within a kitchen; that need to be assessed and accounted for when designing your layout. In every kitchen accessibility is the most indispensible component; the ability to access storage space in a productive manner without restriction, which allows you to utilize the space within the kitchen more effectively.
Kitchens that present an island, allow home owners to perform tasks more efficiently while also creating a centralized area for not only  food preparation, but as well as entertainment. Some kitchens also can be utilized with the use of kitchen bars that can open more space into other areas such as living rooms or dining rooms.
By opening or revealing more space; it visually enhances your kitchen to its maximum potential. When designing for a kitchen you should take into consideration the amount of traffic and day to day lifestyle use to determine the correct materials to ensure longevity. There are a variety materials with finishes to create your unique dream kitchen.
We can help you choose the right finishes from matching of cabinet door handles and lighting fixtures to your appliances and faucets to have the same flowing finish. Integrating wall colors, floor tiles, counter tops and back splash is critical to accent the kitchen cabinets, which will provide a contrast between all the elements.
Kitchen painted in red with Gas top stove and Stainless steel range hood
Mosaic Shower tiled with porcelain
Bathtub Shower tiled with marble
Custom 45 Shower tiled in porcelain and marble
A bathroom is another main function in your home, with many styles and ideas to expand on. Small bathrooms  consisting of a sink and toilet have limited space, keeping it simple and not overwhelming with detail is always the best method.  An on-suite bathroom can consist of having many washing methods such as bathtubs, vinyl showers, custom stand up showers, water jet systems and steam rooms. 
  When starting a bathroom renovation; identify the types of fixtures you would like to install, it’s important to take into consideration clearances as well as water pressure. Choosing a matching wall color that will accent your tiles and fixtures is a great method for making your bathroom flow. 
Other systems that can be installed are heated floors, heated towel racks, baseboard lighting, and more.  Heated floors are controlled by a digital thermostat that is programmable to any time of the day. Installing a ventilation fan is also a great investment to reduce moisture from collecting in your bathroom. The main design for the bathroom will be represented by the tile work, which defines the style of the room.
When choosing tiles incorporate the durability, characteristic and density; some tiles that are made of stone are more susceptible to stains and scratches if not sealed correctly. Yet many natural stones provide a very unique finish to every bathroom renovation. Including faucets, shower fixtures/rain heads, towel bar/ring and paper towel holders can also come in a large variety of metal finishes. Applying many of these concepts can create the perfect bathroom oasis.
Steam Shower tiled in marble
Living Spaces
Mantel work over bi-fold door
Square Wainscoting edged with wall paint
Texture Ceiling with Medallion
When applying functionality and durability to your living room, it's important to give an inviting yet relaxing atmosphere to this area. The living or den area is the most used room in your home designed for leisure and indoor activities, having a durable long lasting floor is a great approach. Eggshell based latex paint is very durable and easy to clean without fading your walls. Depending on the usage you want to achieve out of your living room will determine the detail you involve. Built in cabinets provide either storage or a classy alternative to displaying items, which can be incorporated with fireplaces.
Building a decorative fireplace is one way to create a focal point in the room. A mixture of wood mouldings as well as tiles can produce a one of a kind project.   There are many types of fireplaces from natural wood burning to electrical and gas. 
Many older homes have natural wood burning fireplaces, keeping in mind chimney fireplaces if used regularly should be cleaned on an annual basis to avoid fire hazard from soot collecting. Electric fireplaces are another alternative solution and can be installed anywhere.  Electric fireplaces are fairly inexpensive way of providing a fireplace look but produces little to no heat. Gas fireplaces on the other hand can produce heat and also be controlled by a digital thermostat.
Additional lighting is a great way to enhance your room which can be achieved with potlights, wall scones or recessed lighting behind trim.  The fixture finishing should also match the colour scheme and trim style of the room. By choosing a dynamic colour along with many of these concepts can produce a functional and stunning living space to your home.
Living/Dining room with crown molding and Mantels
Cedar deck
Cedar deck on angle
Hand Rails painted with metal spindles
Curb appeal is definitely a great way to enhance the outside of your home.  By creating garden beds, green space, rock gardens, you can provide a unique look for your home.  Incorporating borders around garden beds can produce a sharp unique look.  Making a decorative pathway from the drive way to your front door is another great way to enhance the look of your home.
 When revitalizing your backyard there are many things to consider; elevation of land to your back door, the usage and the size of your backyard. Building a deck is one of the easiest ways to make a low maintenance patio that will be stationary, while providing shade if roofed. Interlocking stone is another method you may use to create a patio.  Building a gazebo or awning can provide shade in desired places.
Most backyards have green space area, depending on the size of the backyard it will determine the amount of grass and garden beds, although there is no rule to how much or how little. Introducing color in your garden beds is a great way to achieve depth in your backyard. Including a fire pit at your seating area can make a source for entertainment in your backyard. Many options to how they are finished and located depend on the layout you wish to achieve.
 By presenting a balance of plants and color in your garden can pronounce a great contrast on your patio area as well as possible privacy. In addition having correct lighting at night either through soffit or LED garden/walkway lighting can give you a defined look to your landscaping around your property. Mixing all these ideas together is the best way to show case your property.
Landscaped backyard with deck